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Source 1: Pixiv ID: 34090550 // Member: あるこ
Source 2: Pixiv ID: 25098814 // Member: インマR
Source 3: Pixiv ID: 25584721 // Member: NadzomiViro
Source 4: Pixiv ID: 31327390 // Member: 紅鮭マリモ
Source 5: Pixiv ID: 26408730 // Member: ユミカ
Source 6: Pixiv ID: 27815779 // Member: ユミカ
Source 7: Pixiv ID: 27815779 // Member: ユミカ

First of all, what the hell is this photoset even? I mean, usually these have some kind of theme, but this is a ton of different things and a ton of different artists. So, kind of a shitty photoset, but you tried your best probably. Not that I really care because you didn’t source.
So let’s get to that. First of all, the artist of the first work, has this message for anyone like you, who just wants to take her art: ☆無断転載、二次加工等も止めてください。 許可も受け付けていません。It says you can’t take her art without permission, which you’ve done. So, already, right off the bat, this is art theft. And the photoset already needs to be deleted. Third art belongs to Nadzomi, who has a tumblr blog Nadzo3 where this art is posted already. And considering the artist has a blog and obviously doesn’t want anyone but them to share their art on tumblr, again, this whole photoset should be deleted. And all the final arts belong to our darling mono:zone who has this message in English on their pixiv: Please do not use any images on your site without permission. so pretty much, all this art isn’t allowed to be redistributed without permission aside from like two, and you still didn’t source, so you can’t use it regardless.
So if you have any respect for ANY artists, you’ll just deleted this post entirely and next time use SauceNAO and make sure you are allowed to use the arts as well as SOURCE THEM PROPERLY. Have a great day, and remember, if you can’t source, please don’t post. 

Ok, yes, it was my mistake, but for that you will stay clear, I was just making a “pseudo” backup pictures that I like and that I have on my computer. 

If I ofendidodo someone really is not my intention to hurt or harm artistes, respect them too much to do, but these images and have long ago and do not remember where I could have gotten. 

Second, I have another Tumblr where I myself upload my drawings, and I really did not bother me to see other people using my pictures in their own Tumblrs (without my permission) and really, until I do not bother me no drama mia part. 

Anyway, personally, really, annoying post in public (or at Reblogged) finally, and I think that would have been in private, I think I would not have if it were so angry, but unfortunately it was no . 

And also ask me to remove the set of images, I ask you to remove your comment to my error (which I assume). 

We hope this does not happen again. Grüße.

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